CINE@ART org promotes artists and organizes high calibre international events and festivals since 2001.
The Purpose of the Cultural Company Cine@Art is artistic and cultural and in no way for-profit. The specific purposes of the company are:

  1. The presentation of film festivals, music, theatrical productions based on ancient and modern theatrical Greek texts, world dramas, comedy and satires,
  2. The presentation of theatrical productions based on improvisation, with the aim of understanding and realizing the problems of modern life.
  3. The organization of concerts, educational seminars, lectures and other events (exhibitions of painting, photography, etc.) with the aim of developing film, music, theatrical art as well as the general promotion of culture and arts.
  4. The teaching of cinematographic, dramatic and musical art in seminars.
  5. The production, promotion, advertisement and enjoyment of cultural products and works with the creation of Cinema, Music and Theater departments.
  6. The promotion of European culture, especially Greek and Cypriot cultures, through film, musical and theatrical education.
  7. Participation in joint European and Cultural Programs.